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Trish Costa

Lead Singer


Trish Costa delivers unparalleled vocals with a captivating stage presence.  Musically trained at Boston Conservatory, she has the vocal range to bring alive any song the band wishes to perform.  A true fan of the great female vocalists of rock, R&B, soul, and pop, while also a master of covering male artists as well, Trish can do it all with a style you have to see and hear to believe.

Patric Barbieri



Patric Barbieri’s exceptional guitar work enables the band to pick and choose from a wide range of amazing performers.  His fondness for The Rolling Stones and Keith Richards often shines through in Patric’s raw and gritty style, yet he’s also extremely adept at delving into more delicate or effects-driven playing whenever the song needs it.

Jay Burkholder

Bass Guitar and Vocals


Jay Burkholder handles double-duty for A Little Bit Shaggy, providing a great combination of finesse and punch in his bass playing, as well as occasional lead vocals and frequent backup vocals.  A showman by nature, Jay brings great energy to every performance.  The bass can sometimes get overlooked, but Jay always finds a way to stand out and shine.

Jeff Aufiero



Jeff Aufiero rounds out the quartet on drums.  His playing is detailed, and driving without ever being flashy.  Jeff’s goal is always to deliver what the song calls for, so the rest of the band can rely on his steadiness behind the kit to let them make the music come alive around it.  He drums with precision and delivers a powerful, thumping backbeat to keep audiences bouncing.

A Little Bit Shaggy blends power, finesse, grit, soulfulness, energy, and passion like few bands can.  With seasoned guitar, bass, and drums backing their stunning lead vocalist, A Little Bit Shaggy delivers a musical experience that will keep you asking for more.  The band has entertained audiences at many of the best live music venues in the Boston area and beyond since 2018.

The ‘Shaggy’ sound has been crafted by a combination of experience and dedication to performing from its four members:

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